QuadSucker/News 5.0

QuadSucker/News is an advanced newsgroup auto-downloaders
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QuadSucker/News is an advanced newsgroup auto-downloaders. It automatically downloads pictures from the alt.binaries newsgroups. QuadSucker/News has two modes: streaming download mode which is fully automatic, and pick&choose mode, which allows you to select the content you want. QuadSucker/News downloads everything from pictures to movies.
QuadSucker/News handles all possible types of attachments: GIF, JPEG, MP3, MPG, RAR, ZIP, and more. There are extensive filtering capabilities (black and white lists) to eliminate spam. There's also a handy pick-and-choose mode that lets you decide and prioritize which news attachments you want to download. QuadSucker/News is very versatile and intended for not only people who want no-hassle automatic downloading, but also those who want to decide exactly what gets downloaded.

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