QuadSucker/News 4.8

QuadSucker/News is a shareware newsgroup downloader for Windows
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QuadSucker/News is a shareware newsgroup downloader for Windows. By using this application, we have the possibility to download any content from our favorite newsgroup. Moreover, we can download content from several newsgroups at a time, thus saving us a lot of time, effort, and money (if we have to pay for the time we spend connected to the Internet). From the configuration wizard, we can set up our news server address, username and password, view all the newsgroups available and subscribe to those that we like most, and choose the downloading mode (automatically or manually). It is possible to select to download all the content of a newsgroup (we can create white list to download only those specific messages that match the keyword string), just the headers or the selected messages. We can also filter the messages to be downloaded by creating a black list, search for a string, filter the messages by the name of the file, by the number of lines and/or size, search for duplicate files, load content, post and edit messages, import text, post requests, choose the download order, manage the received messages (read, view, delete, save, and sort) and much more. We can test the fully featured evaluation version free of charge. QuadSucker/News runs under Windows XP, 2000, ME, NT, 98, and 95 operating systems.

Review summary


  • Free trial
  • We can download content from several newsgroups at a time


  • Nag screen for 10 seconds in the trial version
  • Vista is not supported yet
  • No uninstall option
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